Secret Longings at Corey Helford Gallery

I’m thrilled to have a new work making its US debut at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles. ‘Rara Avis’ (translating as ‘Rare Bird’ from Latin) will be part of the highly anticipated ‘Secret Longings’ exhibition featuring new work from over 80 artists, curated by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and running from MARCH 11 – APRIL 15, 2023.

And, to reassure all my ornithologically intrigued followers, I truly haven’t yet strayed from my well-trodden path. This tawny little girl is indeed a canary! They’re not always yellow, and this little one’s colouring is specifically known as ‘agate pastel red mosaic’. Quite a mouthful, but very beautiful in her subtleties and the perfect dance partner for the wild furore of that intense scalpful of seafoam green.

Artist Statement

This piece is for all the rare birds out there, the non-conformists, flying against the prevailing wind. To be rare in thought, ability, outlook and action is a wonderful thing, but it can also be lonely. The solitary Rara Avis soars unbeaten currents and perilous heights, a champion of independence, all the while carrying a deep and secret longing for kindred. 

The video below brings the above words together with an original soundtrack composed by music producer James North, over a high-resolution flyover of the finished painting.


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