Solo Show at Beinart Gallery

My solo show ‘Plasma, Privilege and Perfidy’ will be opening Saturday October 8, 6-9pm at Beinart Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. The show runs through to Oct 30th, gallery hours are 10-5pm Weds-Sun.

These new works are by far my most detailed and elaborate I’ve exhibited to date, fuelled by the banked fires of our recent collective challenges, there are raw, vulnerable and defiant pieces of myself in every one. Can’t wait to share them all with you, and I hope to meet you at the opening!

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‘Plasma, Privilege and Perfidy’ Exhibition Statement

As a bleeding heart and perseverant mind in a fragile body, I’ve often felt like a restless microcosm of greater humanity’s tumult. Both cathartic and confronting, self-portraiture with a satirical bent has always been my favourite instrument. These new works continue to explore my foibles as contextual reflections of our restive epoch.

Our species holds more power, privilege and control than ever before. Yet, like short-sited demigods intoxicated with entitlement, we flounder and obfuscate, railing against ownership or mitigation of the havoc wreaked on our singular habitat and precious cohabitors.

When our hearts bleed we seek distraction within myriad trivialities. When our bodies malfunction in this increasingly toxic world, we seek a quick fix, belying the iceberg of which our personal suffering is merely the tip. Compassion fatigued and loyalties torn, we clutch at short-term self-preservation to the unseen detriment of others and often, ultimately, ourselves.

We bleed, then patch the hole. 

We, privileged, vindicate our fall.

And fool ourselves amidst the toll. 


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