‘Message In A Bottle’ @ NERAM

My new work ‘Message In A Bottle’ will be joining a stellar lineup at the New England Regional Art Museum as part of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine’s ‘Interconnected’ exhibition from May 13-June 26.

Beautiful Bizarre Editor-in-chief Danijela Krha Purssey has pulled out all the stops and defied traditional genre boundaries to bring together over 70 of Australia’s top artists – from decorated veterans to extraordinary emerging talent (for the full list of artists click here). This is edgy, conceptual, imaginative and deftly executed work that brings what might once have been considered lowbrow genres, like neopop and dark surrealism, well and truly into the realm of fine art.

Congratulations Danijela on what’s set to be an incredible show and the first of its kind in Australia. I’m very proud to be part of it.

If you’d like to receive an exclusive catalogue preview before the exhibition opens, please email danijela@beautifulbizarre.net to be added to the catalogue preview email list prior to Monday May 9th.

If you’re able attend, the show opens at 6pm, Friday May 13th at the New England Regional Art Museum, 106-114 Kentucky St, Armidale, NSW 2350.



'Message in a Bottle' Timelapse video...

A Few Words About My 'Interconnected' Piece...

‘Message in A Bottle’ is an ode to the symbiosis of intra and inter connection.

We are artefacts of fragility and resolve, gossamer and titanium intertwined, each as fractured or whole as self-cognisance permits. As our inward eyes open, we often see our fragile parts as things to confine, guard or obscure.

The canary has long been my hallmark device for the complex relationship between fragility and freedom. To, dauntless, uncage our vulnerable aspects is to let fly a divergent strength inspiring deeper connection, within and without.

The Latin note in the bottle, ‘Ubi unitas, ibi spes. Dum spero, spiro.‘, translates to ‘Where there is unity, there is hope. While I hope, I breathe.’


Work In Progress

Finished and Framed

'Interconnected' Participating Artists

Aaron McPolin
Alex Louisa
Anne-Marie Zanetti
Ben Howe
Beth Mitchell
Bonnie Larden
Chanelle Rose
Chelsea Gustafsson
Christine Webb
Clairy Laurence
Clare Thackway
Clare Toms
Colleen Southwell
Courtney Brims
Dana Kinter
David Lee Pereira
Dean Home
Del Kathryn Barton
Dianne Gall
Ebony Russell
Elisabeth Lawrence
Elizabeth Barden
Elouise Roberts
Emily Day
Fiona Smith
Gatya Kelly
Gina Kalabishis
Helen McCullagh
Hiromi Tango
Isabelle de Kleine
Jennifer Allnutt
Jenny Orchard
Jeremy Geddes
Jessica Watts
Johnny Kovacevic
Judith Nangala Crispin
Julianne Ross Allcorn
Kate Rohde
Kate Waanders
Kathrin Longhurst
Kendal Murray
Kim Evans
Kim Leutwyler
Lihao Lu
Linde Ivimey
Lix North
Liz Priestley
Lori Cicchini
Lucy Hardie
Marie Larkin
Marisa Veerman
Matthew Quick
Melissa Hartley
Michelle Fogarty
Michelle Molinari
Myfanwy Gullifer
Narelle Zeller
Nat Ward
Paula Jenkins
Penelope Oates
Petra Reece
Pippa McManus
Rachel Favelle
Robert Duxbury
Ryan Pola
Sally Kent
Sam Yong
Samantha Dennison
Samantha Frye
Sarah Waghorn
Scott Breton
Sebastian Galloway
Sharon England
Steve Salo
Vanessa Stockard


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